6 Best Digital Thermometer Reviews 2021 – Best Thermometer for Kids & Adults


Now is the time to monitor your health with the best digital thermometer. It’s safe and effective for home use. Digital thermometers can be used for children and adults. You can keep your entire family’s health on track with a single digital thermometer.

Buying a thermometer now is especially important with the pandemic. But just any thermometer won’t work. You need something that’s fast, accurate, and efficient.

Best Digital Thermometer In 2022

A digital thermometer comes in handy for lots of other stuff. Forehead and ear digital thermometers are the most popular. You can also purchase the oral and rectal digital thermometers. This article has everything. You only have to find what suits you best.

  1. iProven DMT-489 Medical Digital Ear Thermometer

You can never lose your trust in iProven Medical-Grade Digital Thermometers. They’re sturdy, reliable, and foolproof. And this DMT-489 Ear Thermometer is exactly that. It’s a forehead thermometer too with head and ear modes. It’s fast with clear indicators and a memory chip.


  • Easy-to-read and super fast thermometer.
  • You can save up to 20 past measurements.
  • It uses standard AA batteries.


  • The beeping noise is too loud.

One of the things that make a digital thermometer efficient is its ease of use. The large display reading, color-coded indicators, and memory. All these features make this one of the best digital thermometers to buy.

It’s a sturdy and user-friendly device. Easy to grip in one hand. With accessible buttons for ear and forehead modes. It comes in a compact and portable case. Both the thermometer and the case are easy to clean. The performance is tested and proven for flawless temperature checking.

So much so that the thermometer has a memory chip. It saves the last 20 fever measurements so that you can track it more responsibly. A smart and efficient digital thermometer like this is hard to get. The extensive use, smooth functionality, and long-lasting design are impressive.

  1. iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

Are you looking for a professional and safe thermometer to use at home? The iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer is an outstanding choice. It is a traditional and modern thermometer all packed in one. An improved and responsible choice for kids.


  • The vibration alert is disturbance-free.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Accurate temperature readings every time.


  • You have to always point it one spot on the forehead.

There’s a reason why this is a best-selling thermometer to use. It has a total of 3 infrared sensors. And up to 100 different data points for an accurate and consistent reading. Unlike the top pick, it doesn’t make a sound.

It has a vibration beeper instead that lets you know when it’s done. And an LED display that gives you the temperature reading without waking your kid up. This thermometer has an easy-to-grip handle. It’s not too bulky nor is it too flimsy. Just the ideal weight that it should be.

Since this is a no-touch thermometer, it stays cleaner. You have to point it exactly a finger’s distance away from the middle of the forehead. This should give you an accurate reading every time. If you place the thermometer anywhere else, it may not work properly.

  1. Fermometer Medical Oral Thermometer

For adults, this oral thermometer is a nicely-made and effective choice. It’s a high-quality thermometer that takes accurate temperature measurements for a long time. It has an easy-to-access and versatile button for multiple functions.


  • Automatic shut-off feature for long shelf life.
  • Temperature-adjustable switch mode.
  • Protective plastic case and memory chip included.


  • The power button feels a little stiff.

This is a reliable and useful digital thermometer for home use. The quality of the button, displays, and handle are quite superior. It even has a feature that determines whether or not you have a fever. And that, for adults or kids, is quite useful.

It has a mild beeping noise that lets you know when it’s done. It’s fast and consistent for daily checking. You can even use it more than a few times on a regular basis. It has an automatic shut-off feature for clumsy users. This not only saves battery life but ensures long-term use.

The display is digital and big. You don’t have to squint your eyes to read the numbers. It even has switchable temperature units for easy reading. The plastic case makes this a travel-friendly choice.

If you go to work every morning, you can easily sneak this in your bag or pocket. It’s really well-made and affordable. What’s more? This digital thermometer has what you call a memory chip. It remembers your last temperature and recalls it when you take your current temp.

This is not only convenient and safe to use. But it really helps you keep track if you lead a busy lifestyle with work and/or responsibilities. It saves you time, works accurately, and is quite efficient.

  1. Kinsa Smart Ear Digital Thermometer

This is the best digital thermometer for a baby. It’s FDA-approved with improved and accurate technology. Using infrared technology, it’s fast, consistent, and durable. You can download the Kinsa app on your smartphone to sync all the data.


  • Safe and accurate to use for kids.
  • Informative and professional guidance app.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • None so far.

This digital thermometer is the first of its kind. It syncs up to your phone. So you can store all the data in Kinsa’s app. If you’re tracking your entire family’s temperature. The app offers personalized profiles for every member of your family. So there’ll be less confusion and panic.

It’s an intelligent ear thermometer that’s super easy to use. It gives you a reading in 1 second on the thermometer and your phone. You can then save the results and track your kid’s condition. Just in case, you need to show the history to the doctor. You have it all on your phone ready to go.

Besides tracking progress, the app also offers some guidance. It determines whether you have a fever or not. What to do next? When to go to the doctor? And what other kinds of symptoms to watch out for?

If this is not an effective thermometer, then I don’t know what is. The Kinsa is modern, smart, and 100% safe to use.

  1. iProven DT-1221AWG Medical Thermometer

This is an oral and rectal thermometer. It has a quick digital reading technology. A large power button that makes on/off simple. And it also lets you know whether you’re sick or not. The thermometer stick has a flexible body. This makes it less likely to break even if it falls.


  • The alarm is quiet but audible.
  • Waterproof and flexible tip.
  • Easy to use and maintain.


  • It takes about 10 seconds.

It’s always wise to have a thermometer at home. You never know when you’d feel compelled to use it. You would hate to drive yourself to a pharmacy when you feel sick. A digital thermometer like this one lets you know whether you need a doctor or not.

The performance is up to the mark. It’s consistent and accurate as thermometers should be. The interface has a quick fever indicator. It’s laid down convincingly with three emoji faces.

One is a smiley face which means you do not have a fever. One is a straight face which means you a slightly warm. And the other is a sad face which means you have an elevated temp.

Since this is an oral and rectal thermometer. Cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities. That’s why the tip is waterproof and flexible. You can clean it with a disinfectant after use. And it’ll be as good as germ-free and odor-less for somebody to use it after all.

  1. ANKOVO Digital Infrared Thermometer


The last thing you want is to buy a slow and bulky thermometer. Leaving that aside, such thermometers won’t even give you an accurate reading. So what you need is an infrared digital thermometer. The Ankovo is a forehead and ear thermometer. Ideal for kids and adults.


  • User-friendly and fast interface.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • The cover keeps it clean and hygienic.


  • None so far.

This is an excellent and handy digital thermometer. You can use it on your forehead or ear. And it gives consistent and accurate results each time. It runs pretty fast whether you use the forehead or the ear feature.

The dual-mode is perfect because it adds flexibility. You can use it for yourself, for your kid, and even a baby. It’s practical, convenient, and sturdy to use. The cover keeps the thermometer away from moisture and dust when not in use.

Since this runs on batteries, it’s an efficient choice. It has a memory chip that remembers the last 20 readings. So you can track the results easily and effectively. It has a beeping noise which is slight and helpful. And it takes only one second to give a reading which is amazing.

Top 11 Best Digital Thermometer selling products in 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best digital thermometer?

You don’t demand much in a thermometer. Just as long as it provides an accurate temperature reading. Due to recent events, digital thermometers offer more than that.

You can buy an ear and/or forehead thermometer. You can take a backup of your family’s temperature history using a digital thermometer. Check the temperature of your baby, kid, and adults in the house. There are no-touch thermometers that are safe and just as effective to use.

For adults, a simple power button is easy to do the trick. But for kids, you need a little bit more. Such as silent vibration alerts rather than loud beeping noises. A large display that lets you access the temperature modes easily. You can even change the unit of measurement on a digital thermometer. Having such smart and efficient tools at home makes life easier.

  1. Why do I need a digital thermometer for home use?

Besides the accuracy tests, digital is faster than a mercury thermometer. Ear and forehead thermometers offer an accurate reading in less than 5 seconds. Oral thermometers take about 8 seconds or so.

Mercury thermometers, on the other hand, take about a minute. In some really old-school ones, sometimes longer than 60 seconds.

You don’t want to be sitting around with a thermometer in your mouth for a whole minute. When you can just as easily get an accurate reading in a few seconds. This is why digital thermometers are so popular.

You don’t have to place a digital thermometer under your tongue either. So it’s not awkward to use.

Another benefit of using a digital thermometer is for children. They’re fussy when they’re sick. If your kid is running a fever or feels warm, you can quickly take charge of the situation. In less than 5 seconds, you’ll know if your kid has a fever.

It really helps when you need to keep taking fever checks in your home. Especially with a digital thermometer that gives you an accurate reading in seconds, rather than minutes.

  1. What’s the best thermometer for a child (ages 3 and above)?

Doctors recommend taking oral, ear, or infrared temperature. Rectal thermometers are ideal for kids below the ages of 3. For signs of fever in a child, checking and re-checking are essential. To be able to do this fast, rely on a digital thermometer.

It has everything you need to take care of your child responsibly. Fast readings, convertible units, low beeping noise, and accurate measurements. Mercury thermometers lack consistency and take a long response time. That’s why it makes more sense to stick to such digital technology.

Final Thoughts

There can be many instances when you want to check for high temperatures. If you have a fever, then sometimes checking yourself through the night is a priority. If you work in healthcare, even then it’s necessary to stay on top for you and your family.

The iProven DMT-489 Thermometer is safe and effective to use. It can do everything a thermometer must and then some. It has a color-coded display for easy reading. A solid and sturdy handle for gripping. And an interface that’s quick to get used to.

Buying the best digital thermometer also depends on what you need. Your focus should be to buy the most accurate thermometer. It should be able to take fast reading accurately. That’s what you need!


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