About Us

Who are we

We are a group of approximately 30 people that meet once a month to learn more about our favourite pass-time “Tropical Fish Keeping”.


What do we do

The meetings are varied in both topic and format.  For instance we often:

bullet Invite a speaker who presents their specialist area in the form of a slide show, video etc followed by a question and answer session (allowing us to drain every minute and interesting piece of detail from them)
bullet Have a members evening where the evening is spent discussing any fish topic that presents itself.
bullet Have members bring along fish for us to identify, diagnose, admire and enjoy.
bullet Have raffles for fish products such as food and water treatments as well as treats for us humans such as wine and chocolates!

Each year we hold a fish show where anyone and everyone is welcome to bring along fish for entry into the show.  The fish are judged by FBAS judges before the area is opened up for everyone to view the weird and the wonderful.  This is an incredibly enjoyable day out for anyone who enjoys their fish and is made even more worthwhile by the fact that a true bargain could be had at the auction and the raffle.  (Details of this year’s show will be published on the site soon.)


What sort of topics are discussed

Essentially anything and everything to do with fish.  Our Programme Officer arranges for speakers to visit and talk about their specialist area so the topics of discussion are generally centred around the speakers interests.  Members evenings offers the opportunity for anyone to raise any topic for discussion.  Recent topics presented to the club include:

bullet Tropical plants for the aquarium
bullet Culturing live foods (white worm, Grindal worm, micro worm, fruit fly maggots etc)
bullet Understanding Cichlid behaviour
bullet Understanding lighting
bullet Breeding Angel fish commercially
bullet Setting up a marine tank (although non-tropical discussions are rare)

As can be seen the list is diverse and offers the opportunity for everyone, beginners and experts alike, to learn something.


When and where do we meet

The club meets generally on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8pm until 10pm (although members are often still chatting until 10.30 and beyond)

The venue is the British Aerospace Worker’s Association (BAWA) Club on Southmead Road in Filton, Bristol (UK).  This building was chosen as it has several conference rooms with projection and video equipment, has a bar which we can use for refreshments throughout the evening and has ample off-road car parking.


Who can join



I am a beginner, does that matter


How do I know I will like it

I guess you will not know until you come along to one of our meetings.  If you decide you want to join us then you pay your membership, if not then their is no charge!


How much does it cost

The current single membership price is £9.00 per year.  Reductions are available for joint and family memberships.


I am interested, what do I do next

All the details of the next meeting and the venue are on the home page – just come along to the meeting where we will be happy to see you.  If you want to chat first then my contact me